Barcelona 2002

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109 people have been arrested during the anti-EU protests that took place Friday 15th and Saturday 16th in Barcelona.

Barcelona 17/03/02- The legal team report that the total number of people arrested during yesterday's and Friday's demonstrations come to 109. The activists are currently in custody at Verneda police station where a solidarity rally is to take place today at 10:00am.

Heavy Riots in Ramblas; Lobby-buster march in Sagrada Familia by lavanguardia+espo from Barcelona IMC

Fights between police and demonstrators occurred in different parts of the city. Riots took place in Ramblas, near Liceu (Barcelona) (AGENCIAS). -

Policed charged against demonstrators in front of Liceu, meeting convened by Marc-Attack collective; Ramblas turned into a battlefield where some people had been arrested already. At 12:30, about 450 people according to the police, 600 according to the organization, began their protest action called "rich people also cry", in front of Liceu and Canaletas. After an hour of tense waiting, the "Guardia Urbana" closed the Ramblas while about 30 police vans appeared carrying more than a hundred policemen, who began to identify all demonstrators one by one and block access to the area in question. At 14:20 the Police began charging against all those that passed in front of Liceu, who were shouting slogans against the police. During the fight, demonstrators threw sticks, stones and bottles, and the police charged twice against them and began moving forward to calle Hospital. Barricades were constructed in the upper part of the Ramblas, the police used rubber bullets hurting demonstrators and journalists. People had to flee through the backstreets, while many bars closed up to avoid demonstrators taking refuge in them.

Also at the "lobby-busters" demonstration riots occurred from the beginning of the march, because - as the Government Delegation in Catalonia afirmed - the protest organizers didn't announce any oficial route, because it was supposed to be a sit-in. From the start of the protest, the police agents proceeded with identifying many of those present, including journalists. When the police requested that one of the protesters - returning from another act, the "Intergalactic bicycle ride" - that he remove his bicycle from the street, and he denied to do it, as well as to show his papers, a confrontation started that led to a police charge. The campaign action was supposed to traverse calle Mallorca looking for offices of national and international companies, to perform protest actions before them. It seemed that Police officers did not allow demonstrators to pass along calle Mallorca, but after the incidents they decided to take calle Provenca instead. At 11.40 am, the "lobby-busters" arrived at Paseo Sant Joan from calle Provenca. Four vans of the CNP followed them, in addition to various police on motorbikes. In Sagrada Familia police presence exceeded 30 agents, in 6 police vans. An anti-globalization activist was injured in the head, according to Europa Press. Police say that a group of demonstrators attacked some Riot Police agents (Unidad de Intervencion Policial, UIP), so they had to respond to the agression and clear the area.

Mirrored News from IMC UK

4:30pm - Las Ramblas has now been reopened to transit and downtown barcelona has regained a tense calm. Large numbers of riot police are now moving towards Colon (sea front) where an action against GM food is due to take place soon.

4:20pm - The 350 activists stopped at the border have finally been refused entrance to Spain and forced to turn their buses back to France.

4:00pm - Police are leaving the Ramblas area and the crowd has mostly dispersed now.

15:20pm - Borders are now effectively closed. Police are blocking 3 buses from Belgium, 2 from Toulouse and 2 from Marselle, from crossing the Spanish/French border. Around 350 protesters are stopped by the Spanish police from reaching Barcelona.

3:OOpm - The confrontation between protesters and police continues, although clashes are becoming more sporadic. Many tourists and local people have been beaten up by the police. Ambulances have been seen arriving in the area.

14:30pm - Reports of continuing brutal police charges trying to "clean up" Las Ramblas area of downtown Barcelona. People are fleeding to surrounding back streets. Bars an shops are closing up.

14:20pm - Police still charging at everyone in and around Las Ramblas. Some people have set-up barricades and reports of some small fires in the area. Police have made au unconfirmed number of arrests.

14:00pm - Reports of police surrounding the Convergence Centre. Tensions are rising and people fears police will raid it. Protesters are peacefully gathering at the centre's entrance. Some are starting a sit-in at the building's stairs.

12:40pm - Large numbers of riot police are blocking the Liceo underground's exit in Las Ramblas (downtown Barcelona), whilst searching and identifying any 'suspects'. Large numbers of undercover police are also peresent in the area.

12.30pm - Around 2000 people are outside Liceu theatre in Las Ramblas for the "March-Attack" action, some wearing black and masked up. Police presence is very heavy and athmosphere quite tense. Photos

12:15pm - Around 100 people are gathered outside the 'La Vanguardia' newspaper offices. They protests against corporate press' servility to capital, and it role in criminalising the Catalan social movements.

12:OOpm - Around 100 people took part in a students demonstration in the Gracia area of the city. Photo

11.45am - "Lobby Busters" have managed to do three actions with a festive athmosphere. One outside a bank, the other in a telecom office, the other in a watter company offices. They are now dispersing.

11:30am - Police have entered Pau Esteve school where some protesters are staying. 45 people have been retained for 1 hour. They all have been identified. Police eventually left the building.

11:15am - Dozens of riot police vans have taken the Diagonal area of the City. Police is arbitrarily stopping and identifying passers-by.

11:10am - An action in solidarity with Basque prisoners has taken place, to denounce the dispersion of Basque prisoners all over the Spanish State. Activists have simulated an accident in the middle of the Diagonal Ave turning over a car. This action pointed out the fact that the prisoner's relatives often have to travel hundreds of miles to visit them. Four people have been arrested in this action.

11:00am - Police have attacked the "Lobby Busters" when people tryed to start the action. Reports of 3 protesters slightly injured.

9:45am - People gathered near Sagrada Familia for the 'Lobby Busters' action. Seven police vans quickly arrived and police began to systematically search everyone. No arrests were made.

9:30am - Students that had been occupying the Economics faculty of Barcelona's University, have ended their occupation and took to the streets under strong police presence. Photo of occupation.

9:00am - Around 1000 people started a bicycles Critical Mass. Police is following the ride but so far no reports of any trouble. 8:00am - A small group of activists from the Sarria area have hung 20 banners around the streets of Sarria. The banners have slogans against the Europe of Capital and War.

Serious rioting has broken out at the EU summit at Barcelona.

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In one incident, peaceful protestors were baton-charged by riot police. Then at 2:25 pm local time, a big confrontation broke out on Las Ramblas, the city´s main walking street.

10:45 am (local time): The "Lobby Busters" demo is attacked by riot cops near the Sagrada Familia. The incident was provoked by the arrival of Critical Mass cyclists - the demo (numbering about 1500 people) then began to trickle onto the road, blocking the traffic. Without any provocation, the police began to beat demonstrators with batons. The crowd was baton-charged three times before the cops finally backed off.

2 pm: A large crowd has gathered outside the Liceu metro station for another demonstration. There are probably about 2,000 activists, including a couple of hundred Black Block. It is obvious that a confrontation is going to occur with the riot police, who have deployed officers with batons and guns that fire rubber bullets.

2.25 pm: Something has kicked off at the front of the crowd. The cops repeatedly baton-charge the crowd in order to disperse us. Masked activists are running onto the back streets. There is some minor property damage.

3 pm: The confrontation continues. Many tourists and local people have been beaten up by the cops. Someone must have been badly injured, because there are ambulances trying to get into the crowd. Something is on fire - I discover that some recycling bins have been set alight outside the Meridien Hotel. However, the clashes are gradually becoming more sporadic. Most people I speak to have been beaten, though injuries (including mine) are fairly minor.

4 pm: The cops have left and the crowd has mostly dispersed. However, the trouble is probably not over yet. Another event is due to start in the city centre in less than two hours´ time.

Four people arrested in Barcelona ( from )

Police have arrested four people at the crossing between avenida diagonal and via gandeza. The demonstrators, who were simulating a car crash, are from a collective supporting basque political prisoners. They were simulating a car accident because road accidents routinely happen when the families of basque political prisoners go to visit their relatives detained in Spanish prisons.



EU summit (protest site)

British protesters flock to summit (mainstream newspaper pre report)

RTS (9/3/02)


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frontline reports:

The demonstrations on the 25th were outstanding and a clear success. The police restrained from using their shiny, black toys (pressure from above for the tourist who was shot the day before) and a march from the university to the stockmarket exchange and then to the detention centre where the arrested people were held, took place without any bothersome interruptions. All previously held protesters have been released, charges against them remain however. Media coverage concerning the entire event has been quite two-sided (the Spanish media that is), as footage was released that proved beyond doubt that agent provocateurs were in the crowd agitating and escalating the situation. In my opinion, the 25th can be held in memory as a symbolic victory in being able to retake public spaces and use them purposefully without the authorities dictating the terms. Great stuff, Genoa will be great.

Monday (late):
Tired but fairly satisfied. After last report we found march and it had gone right through Barcelona, apparently getting a very positive reception, there are inevitable problems for a system which can only maintain its authority by shooting at everyone that opposes it. We ended up outside (what we think are) the courts and a few hundred people surrounded it, there were still many riot police present but despite this grafiti was sprayed all around the court proclaiming No World Bank, Police Rob Banks, Freedom for the Arrested, and, perhaps most importantly, another world is possible. Banners were hung stating the police are fascists and the filth stood by these banners quite proudly. We spent some time taunting them, observing there resemblance to the Village People. They really are a bunch of cocks. One day we will kick the fuckers until they are sick. We left the area and prepared ourselves for more autonomous actions which are expected to go throughout the night. Another world is possible. At 5pm last night that was hard to believe but now we can see it bright and clear. Our possibilities have never been more apprent. We were left in a desperate situation yesterday and doubtless there will be many questions of the plan but those on the streets have done well and will continue fighting, it´s not over yet and the night should be fun. There is a protest against police brutality planned for Sunday. For revolution ,

Monday lunchtime report:
Ended up following samba band for protest outside jail. Very tense as there were shitloads of polis vans in front of and behind us, but a few hundred jumped down into the metro and boarded a train. Very good moment as the metro station was totally filled with demonstrators. We got to the jail and although there was a strong police presence there were no arrests. Perhaps 1500 people enjoyed wine and dinner outside the prison which was good. Couldn´t get home so crashed back in town. Got to Universitat before 9, bu 9.30 there was still only about 100 people and then they went into the convergence center. It looked like taht was it and the police tactics of the previous day had worked. There was a long meeting that got bigger and bigger. Lots of liberal shite about making press conference regarding police violence etc. There is a video that shows the police using agent provocateurs and this is to be released to the media at 5pm. Loads of press around meeting but were not allowed in (that´s a start). It was agreed that there would be an action next sunday against the police violence. Eventually what we are going to do today was discussed. This meeting was dominated by a couple of liberal wankers who liked the sound of their own voices too much. Eventually agreed we would try to do an action in front of the stock exchange as had originally been planned. Then all the white overalls crowd started producing there padding, there was about 100 of them. Soon we had about two thousand outside and this time we were ready for confrontation. This seemed to have arisen and there was a standoff when we were very near the exchange however, we were able to surround it and there was much dancing celebrating etc. At this point I broke off with a small group and some distance from this event we done a little artwork and flung bins behind us to escape the area. Returning to the protest and people were dancing in the fountains spraying water everywhere. Today has been good effort given yesterdays events. Now met up with the others and probably going to get some scran. All fine though my feet hurt like fuck.


The word going round is that the party tonight will not be attacked by the police because they shot a tourist with a rubber bullet during the afternoon and are not to fire in Placa Catalunya. 16 people still in jail (apparently) but there have been many injuries. During the afternoon the police attacked every mobile movement of people, the only way we could resist them was for people to get very close to police lines to stop them from using their rubber bullet guns. We were quite disheartened because everything quietened down and it looked like it was going to be impossible for us to regroup but now there is a big gathering in Placa Catulunya and there is a sounds system plus samba band and a few thousands people (activists and randoms) listening to music etc. There was a mass meeting and vote to decide if we should go to the jail in solidarity with the arrested but we decided to stay put. So that seems to be it for tonight. Guess tomorow will be rough as fuck because there will not be very many people out and the police will be brutal as fuck. Today, we are told, was the pacifist event. During said event Burger king lost its signs and all its windows, many shops on one side of the road were smashed and banks locks were glued and windows covered in Grafiti. We spent a lot of the afternoon in bars chatting to various people and are now going for some grub. At one point the police came under fire from bottles but responded by shooting fuck out of everyone. The day has been charcterised by skirmishes and extreme force from the police. Quite a few people have decided they have had enough and have called it a day I think. It is very good that we have been able to regroup etc, given police tactics. When we were able to push lines back and the police on other side of square were attacked with bottles was empowering

some 40 people arrested and injured by the police. Today´s demonstration involved something around 50.000 people (this is a number I have heard from numerous sources including a traffic warden). There was a march down the Passeig de Gracia, one of the principal avenues that lead into the city´s centre, Plaça de Catalunya. The sheer diversity of organisations, collectives and unions that participated in the march was impressive (over 500). Banners of all colours and sizes, thousands of bohemian costumes and of course music from all corners of the march made the event extremely enjoyable and exiting At the end of the march there was a large congregation in Plaça de Catalunya with dancing, some speeches and some juggling acts. Amazingly, no one seemed to have been too annoyed by our presence until then. Police, as far as I could see, kept a respectful distance, although there was a protective line of the bastards in front of the stockmarket. Around 14:00 - 14:15 events became fuzzy. There was a sudden volley of gunfire (rubber bullets apparently) from one side of the Plaça de Catalunya and people ran over to the other side. Warnings by some of the people on the speaker platform said that people were being arrested and shot, and that leaving the place was recommended. Soon afterwards police began to swarm en masse into Plaça de Catalunya and there was a general melee with crowds and individuals racing to escape the police´s clutches. Apparently it all started when they grabbed a masked youth, shoving him into a nearby police van. This set off a minor scuffle between demonstrators and cops, which was quickly resolved by the use of rubber bullets. A force of some hundred demonstrators remained near Plaça de Catalunya, trying to make a second stand against the police. Chants like " Policia assesino (Police are assassins)" or " Si disparais, sois nada (if you shoot, you´re nothing)made occasion quite pleasant and memorable. At some point though the police made a second attack. The bastard went for simply everyone, regardless of the fact that there were a lot of tourists and other people that didn´t have anything to do with the demonstration present. Batons and truncheons were favoured tools of choice to deal with the demonstrators. I hung around for a bit after that, dodging those bastards in the labyrintine maze of narrow roads, one way streets and what have you. Last I heard and saw, the police are still pursuing demonstrators all over the place. More later

March very big, we walked alongside it looking at all the different groups and ending up reasonably near the front. When we arrived in the square, we stood about for a bit and then as others were still filing into the square, we set off for lunch awaiting the next action. Meanwhile, unknown to us, people towards the tail of the march (which was many tens of thousands)totally fucking wrecked many of the banks. Anyway, then people are gathered in the square (where we were to spend much time doing different actions, agent provocateurs started trouble (a popular tactic of the Spanish police) and very quickly the police have turned the place into the fucking wild bunch. So we are sitting in a bar a few minutes from the square and all of a sudden there are hundreds of people running past us, police vans racing everywhere. We stayed in the bar until the situation had stabilised then joined one of many groups confronting lines of riot police. Police are using very many rubber bullets and baton charges. People were getting close to lines so that police cannot use guns and we were repeatedly pushing them back amid cheers and celebrations. Soon more riot police arrive and again crowds is chased away. Just now we are taking a bit to recover and are hoping to get back involved as soon as people can regroup. We went to attend the anarchist demonstration but it was attacked and dispersed before we even got there (before its scheduled starting time. Apparently the fighting here was very fierce. Just now people are meeting to decide what to do next there are many people in hospital and we are wondering what to do. You know I don´t think there is any point in complaining about police violence etc, but the way this has been policed is unlike anything I´ve ever seen. The tactics used are very alien to someone from the UK and it is very difficult for us to know what to do. We are permenantly crapping our pants, but I´m hoping to get back involved soon. There are many people walking about with injuries and there is a constant sound of rubber bullets being fired. I have just heard that while I´m writing this, a big anarchist gathering has been fired on and they have run back towards placa catalunya, it appears the police may be starting to try and arrest people. Anyway, suppose I´d better finish up and go and get shot at. We are all fine if a little shook up for a bit. . You can edit the report and spread about if you have the time. People here have shown some bravery but it is very difficult.


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Anarchist Demonstration against globalisation, Sunday 24th June, 16.00 @ Placa Universitat .


As thousands take to the streets across Europe to ‘welcome’ Bush and Billy the Kid joins the Swedish police force, we send our greetings and solidarity to those on the streets of Gothenburg and especially to all those who have been injured. With the use of live ammunition the forces of authority have escalated their violence in the direction of that often endured by our comrades in the global south. The attempted murders in Gothenburg are evidence, not only of lunatic cops who watch too many westerns, but also of the slowly increasing threat our movement poses to the establishment. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we are vocal in advocating a brighter future, in celebrating our potential to make radical social change, in insisting that another world is possible.

It is in this context that we look forward with anticipation to the events in Barcelona where things are developing very promisingly indeed. All the groups that were involved before the World Bank’s cancellation are continuing their mobilisations, while internationals are known to be travelling from France, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden (no rest for the wicked!), Denmark, Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands. Thousands recently took to the streets of Madrid to protest against president Bush while local actions are continuing across the Spanish State. The street Party in Barcelona on the 16th of June apears to have been a very great success, and there is real anticipation for the main events.

See you on the streets!

june 16

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Monday on street blockading stock exchange:


Sunday 24 june
MANIFESTATION "Other world is possible, let's globalize the resistences
and the solidarity".
at 12.00 from "jardinets de gràcia" ( Diagonal / Paseig de Gràcia)
There will be some performances on the way and it will end in Pça Catalunya

at 18.00 in Pça Catalunya
ONE NIGHT AT THE STOKE MARKET, show-bus, party, dinner and camping
at 20.00 from pça Catalunya, to pg de Gràcia, where the acts will be in front of the stock market.

Monday 25 june
GUIDED VISIT TO THE STOCK MARKET for a group of 20.000 people (aprox.)
The stock market (or handbag) or the life: we will go to convert the stock market in what will win in the ideas contest that you can see in And also...
many actions and acts that are being organized in a descentralized way!

CONCERT FOR TIAGO AND MIRKO (the Italian and Portuguese activists still being held by the police) FROM 14:30 TO 16:00, FRIDAY 29th OF JUNE,
ADDRESS: Guizpuzcoa 74 - 78 (La Pau metro stop) Bring instruments and join the music during the only time of the day when they can hear us!