Anti World Bank Campaign - Barcelona 2001

Another World Is Possible. Let's Globalize resistences and solidarity

From 22. to 25. June 2001


The Anti World Bank campaign - Barcelona 2001 is a unitary forum which gathers a wide variety of movements and individuals and aims at denouncing the current process of neoliberal globalization and its agents, as well as at elaborating alternatives on the basis of the mobilisation of civil society and joint work.

After the World Bank announced the cancellation of its annual Conference on the Economics of Development which was going to take place in Barcelona, the Campaign has gone ahead with its proposal that another world is possible, and with the organisation of many local events now coming to a climax. The Campaign invites all citizens to join and mobilize for the events which will take place next 22. to 25. June:

The "Counter-conference" will be a forum of encounters of organisations, social movements and individuals, aiming at proposing, debating and elaborating together an alternative model of globalisation, based on the subjection of the economy to the fundamental rights of individuals and communities. The Conference contemplates seven thematic areas: migrations, environmental rights, militarisation, women, social and labour rights, development, and democracy and participation.

The Summer Solstice Party, coinciding with St John s night, will turn into the big party of social movements, with fires and live music events. The bands "Hechos contra el decoro" and Cheb-Balowsky are two of the many performers expected.

The Demonstration which will start from the Gracia gardens and head towards Plaza Catalunya via the Gracia main street, will be another opportunity for all types of performances along the way, in a festive, collective and unitary but also determined spirit.

The Popular Tribunal will be the opportunity for citizens to judge the main agents of the current economic globalisation model. Multinacional corporations, governments and financial institutions are amongst the accused in this trial.

La Borsa o la Vida is a programme of activities all designed to denounce the role of the Barcelona Stock Exchange (la Borsa) as an institution of usury and as a place of concentration of large transnational corporations promoting the current globalisation model. We propose to transform it into a welcoming place, in a place useful for citizens, and opening up on to the city.


Friday 22. June (19:00 - 22:00). Rambla del Raval, Barcelona. (Precise location to be specified a few days before the opening of the Counter-conference).

19:00 Opening and presentation of the Anti World Bank Campaign - Barcelona 2001.

19:30 Conference: The World Bank, financial institutions and development policies. With Arcadi Oliveres and Susan George.

20:15 Greetings by movements of resistence against globalisation: MST, SINTEL workers,

Immigrants, Women s World March, MOCASE, Insumisos (anti-army), Movements

against the Spanish National Water Plan, Vía Campesina, movement against the Colombia


21:30 Presentation of the Counter-conference programme and of the Popular Tribunal.

Saturday 23. June (10:00 - 14:30)

The Conference divides into seven thematic areas, in seven diferent places of the Raval borough within the Old Town (Precise locations to be specified a few days before the opening of the Counter-conference).

Each thematic area has a plenary session (at the beginning and/or at the end) and offers various workshops.

Democracy, participation and repression

Social and Labour rights

Environmental rights, agrofood model


Globalisation and militarisation

Globalisation and development

Women and Globalisation


Saturday 23. June (17:00 - 20:00). Rambla del Raval, Barcelona. (Precise location to be specified a few days before the opening of the Counter-conference).

17:00 Presentation of the main ideas, analyses, and conclusions of each thematic area.

18:30 Closure of the Counter-Conference: Round Table Moving forward in the fight against

neoliberal globalisation. With Christophe Aguiton, Euromarches against

Unemployment; Nadia de Mond, Genova Social Forum; and Candido Grzybowsky, Social

Forum of Porto Alegre. Reading of final declaration.

Saturday 23. June (22:00 - ...). Beach of Mar Bella, Poble Nou, Barcelona.

Summer Solstice Party!!!

Sunday 24. June (12:00 - 14:00).

Demonstration, starting from the "Jardinets de Gracia" (Gracia Gardens, at the crossroads between Diagonal Avenue and Gran de Gracia street).

Sunday 24. June (18:00 - ...). Plaza Catalunya.

18:00 Popular Tribunal. Trial of the agents of globalisation.

20:00 La Borsa o la Vida. Performance in front of the Stock Exchange, pyjama party, dinner and


Monday 25. June (9:00 - ...). Plaza Universitat.

9:00 La Borsa o la Vida. Guided tour of the Barcelona Stock Exchange.

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