1.- Who are we?

To take up the World Bank's conference on Development Economics that was due to take place in Barcelona on 25-27th June, there is the Campaign Barcelona-2001 going on against the World Bank, that will carry on with ALL THE MASS-PROTESTS AND MOBILISATIONS, despite the fact that the WB has cancelled their conference.

This Campaign is an unitarian space that started with the participation of many people as individuals, as well as many different and diverse collectives (social movements, unions, ngo's, students, solidarity groups, youth groups, political party, squatter collectives and social centres, neighbourhood associations, etc.) THIS WIDE, GRASS-ROOTS AND CITIZEN'S MOBILISATION IS WHAT MADE THE WORLD BANK TO CANCEL THEIR CONFERENCE. The so-called "antiglobalisation movement" it is the sum of all social sectors and social movements affected, in one way or another, by the consequences of the globalisation of Capital, which are angered with the principal agents of globalisation (WTO, Multinational Corporations, World Bank, Stock Exchange, European union...); there were many and very diverse people who converged in Seattle, and that now we want to coincide in Barcelona too, that's why, worker, pensioner, student... all the citizens and consumers... WE CALL YOU TO PARTICIPATE!


2.- How is the Campaign being organised?

The Barcelona-2001 campaign is being organised in assembly and as a network, with individual participants as well as very diverse collectives and groups. The Campaign already has more than 300 groups and collectives adhered to it. There are a series of unitarian activities being prepared that are organised through different working groups that are open to participation.

Also, in many cities and towns around Catalonia, and in many different areas of Barcelona, there are many different activities and protests being organised locally. These apart from participating in the unitarian activities, they also aim to raise awareness in their local communities about the Campaign and the policies of the WB an other globalisation organisms.

These local campaigns also consist of many individuals and diverse groups, and they also have different working groups that work autonomously taking into account the local particularities.

3.- General Information

If you want general information contact the Campaign's office:

Tel: 93-3249860 - 637725305

Address: C/. Joaquim Costa 24, baixos, Barcelona.

email: or directly to the campaign's website

4.- Regular information through email list distribution:

You can be informed of everything going on in the campaign by subscribing to:

You can be informed about the most important developments only by subscribing to:

For information in English only subscribe to:

5.- To contact and take part in the different working groups of the Campaign, or the several local Campaigns:

-You can contact the Campaign's office and ask information about the different working groups, or your nearest local campaign.

- You can obtain the contacts of all working groups and local campaigns directly from the Campaign's website:

a- The working groups appear at; click on "Campanya (com participar)".

b- The local campaigns appear at; click on "Campanya/en tot el territori".

The local activities can be found by clicking on "campanya/treball local".

If you want to add your local campaign and/or activities write to

6.- Calendar of unitarian activities:

In the first two weeks of June there will be all sorts of actions, activities and campaigns going on all around Catalonia and the Spanish State. Some are being organised by the unitarian Campaign, but most of them are autonomous initiatives of the different local campaigns and collectives. We encourage you to organise your own actions, celebrations and rise awareness in you community about the effects of economic globalisation, how it affects our lives and those of every citizen in this planet.

- 16 to 21 June. Decentralised actions at a local level. With its climax on Saturday 16th, Day of Action against the EU as an agent of the economic globalisation. From then on, everything in Barcelona:

- 22 and 23 June. Counter conference in Barri del Raval (downtown area of Barcelona). This starts on Friday 22 at 19.00 with a plenary in "Rambla del Raval".

- 23 evening-night. Alternative Gran Revetlla (party and celebration)

- 24 midday. Festive unitarian Demonstration. Starts at 12.00.

- 24 afternoon/evening. Popular trial to the World Bank and neoliberal Capitalism in front of Barcelona's Stock Exchange. Recompilation of all accusations and Trial.

-24 night and 25 morning. "One Night in the Stock Exchange"; camp and party all night in front of the Stock Exchange. On the early morning of 25 we will request a guided tour of the Stock Exchange for 20.000 people.

- From 26. It has not been defined yet.

7.- Economic contributions to the Campaign:

Unfortunately big mobilisations cost money, and if these threaten the economic and political powerful organisms, the money is even more difficult to find. That's why your collaboration is important. As a reference the following amounts have been suggested:

- Big organisations: 25,000 pesetas.

- Smaller collectives: 5,000 pesetas

- Individuals: 1,000 pesetas.

You can contribute at the following bank account:


account holder: SIOJ, Assemblea d'objeccio fiscal.

Campaign against the World Bank, Barcelona-2001.

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