A beer please ('spanish') Una Sevessa por favor
Fuck the police ('spanish') Quehodana la policia
Fighting in the Streets (Basque) Kale borroka
Bastard ('spanish') Cabrón

For maps try http://www.bcn.es/guia/welcome.htm

Reports as they came in

For accomodation in Barcelona send requests to alojatebm@yahoo.es

There will be any telephone numbers for legal questions and problems: Mobile phones: 647 423 941, 637 725 293 and fix phones: 93 442 21 01, 93 329 06 43. Please, it's important you write this numbers and keep them with you when you stay in Barcelona. We have about 20 advocates to help people in any case, and people talking several languages in our local (El Lokal, address: Calle de la Cera, 1 bis, near Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya, in the centre of the city).

Legal commission Barcelona 2001 campaign


who are we?

This Protest Movement We Must Leave

"the activists in Barcelona rock"

Brief history of the region

call for increased mobilisation

Llamamiento para incrementar la movilización en Barcelona este mes de junio.

Un appel pour une mobilisation accru ŕ Barcelone en juin

Aufruf zur Mobilisierung fuer Barcelona